It took us two decades to find out that there is a hole in the roof repair market in Sydney.

There are simply too many leaks and not enough roofers who are competent and honest enough to get the roof leaks fixed properly.

We have been running circles around ourselves trying to cope and it has dawned on us that the old business model is broken.
We need a new way to fix this legacy problem in the roof repair industry.

And we came up with THE ROOFING PORTAL platform.

Jack's Story

It really began during COVID.

But the seeds were sowed in 2010

The last time when I fell off a roof.

Every now and then, I get that feeling. The feeling of losing control.

The shoes lose grip and the slide begins. Traction has always returned and the slide eventually stops.
Not this time.

The raindrops from the sudden passing shower was not enough to completely wet the new colorbond roof and I was thinking “I must get off the roof”.

Too late.

Gravity and lubrication had conspired to overcome the traction of rubber. I was getting off the roof whether I wanted to or not.

A guru once told me to always look and go upstream in my life. Lucky I took this advice on that day. I was looking up the roof and sliding down on my hands and knees.

I felt my shoes hit the gutter. Then it shot pass the lip of the gutter and my slide continued. Now, my whole body weight was going to ground.
My fingers hooked onto the lip of the gutter and jerked my shoulder up momentarily. Then my feet hit the ground.

We were on this 6 week long colorbond re-roof job. My mum had just asked to be discharged from Concord Hospital and be taken home to die. It was quite appropriate that I would also fall off the roof.
Geoff heard the noise from the back yard and shouted to ask if I was OK. My time was not up and I escaped with a couple of scratched and a collapsed gutter. 2010 was the year that I started to let go of my fear of death.

Letting go and embracing the unknown

I let go of my mum in 2010 and my dad followed her in 2012.
There are lots of things that I have let go since then. And cutting the anchor ropes opened up many new frontiers.
In the roofing business, I went from struggling to find work… to a deluge of clients that I have no possible way of servicing without opening up another frontier.

This new unknown is The Sydney Roofing Portal.

This story will be continued….

Geoff's Story

It was 2019.

Gisborne, NZ is a nice place to grow up in. But the potential for forging a roofing career was limited.

Sydney is where New Zealanders ‘try-out’ for a new life. I went looking for a good place to start and even in the early days of the internet, the progressive roofing companies were on-line.

Something made me gravitate to a small outfit called The Roofing Professionals Westside. Jack did not seem ready to add another roofer to his crew. But I persisted.

And I am glad that persistence pays off.

It has been quite a journey since those days. I quickly learnt enough (or so I thought) to leave Jack and start up my own roofing company.

It was tough. I hung in there for a while. Eventually, I gave up and Jack welcomed me back to the safe haven. There was much more to learn.

But I have always wanted to build something for myself. With a bit of discussion, the concept of the Roofing Portal was born.
What more can an ambitious mature roofer ask or. An exciting project with ‘Old-man Jack’ guiding the growth. Something that I am going to be proud of building – decades into the future.

I wonder who else will be joining me on this journey.

This story will be continued….

Mason's Story

It was 2019.

The life of an apprentice is not that exciting. And the supervisor at my Wollongong roofing company just liked to turn the mundane to absolute hell. I gave up and resorted to driving forklifts.

This story will be continued….