Are you stuck in your roofing game and ready to level-up?

Now that you have found your way here, you are either a roofer or a potential roofer.
Either way, you want to find out a little bit more about this thing called the Roofing Portal and how this can work for you.

As a roofer, what pisses you off about your present work situation?

It sucks working for builders.

I used to work for builders putting up new roofs. I got squeezed on my prices. They hounded me to start work and when I turned up – they were not ready for me to start. I would spend weeks and months on a job because of lack of continuity. The builders would ask for extra work to be done. They pushed for me to work overtime so that they would be on time.

Then it was time to put a progress claim in to get paid. That was when the waiting started…

I had to fight over the extra work that I did. And I usually lost.
After a couple of months, I might get paid. But minus the RETENTION. Then months later (if I was lucky) the retention money would be released.
This type of roofing work sucked!

But I thought the way to be a successful roofer was to do big jobs and the only big jobs came via builders.

Working for a big roofing company is a dead end.

I once employed a roofer who had started with a major roofing company as an apprentice. He worked for me on weekends to earn some extra money.

He was a good roofer (as far as a roofer on hourly wages goes…). He was ambitious and wanted to do big things in roofing. But he was only a roof tiler.

He repointed roofs beautifully. But when the jobs became complicated, lots of mistakes were made. They just did not teach him properly where he worked, to be a good all-round roofer. His employer just wanted him to point up tile roofs – simply because he was the best they had for repointing work.

His plans for being his own boss fell apart because he did not know how to go about it properly. He stopped weekend work for me because his employer offered him a ‘supervisor’ role.

Now, he drives around all day managing jobs and the other roofers. I think it drives him crazy. But he has no other option.
A ‘supervisor’ role seems grand. But, as far as a good roofing career goes… it is a dead end.

Marketing is for sales people?

The future looks bright. You have just bought a beautiful ute and armed it with toolboxes, power tools and a ladder.
You are now a roofing contractor.

You don’t know much about marketing. You think marketing is just for salesmen who are good at talking. You just know how to roof well.

Besides, you don’t need marketing because you have tried the high profile service directories and you can just buy cheap leads. So what if there are a few other roofers turning up to quote for the same leads. You can always be the lowest price and get the job.

Then you start to get an idea of what the other roofers are charging. How can they quote at a much higher price and still get the job?

You learn that it is not about the price. So, what is the secret?
You hear that you have to make a name of yourself before a customer will choose you over the others. How can you do this and how long will it take?

At the end of your first year as a sole trader, your accountant breaks the news.
You owe the tax office some money.
And your net earnings are less than when you were working for your old boss.

Building your reputation as a roofer is marketing. And because you have not marketed yourself, you have not built a business.

You have wasted a lot of your time working for yourself and suddenly, going back to work for your old boss seems an attractive option.

The loneliness of an independent contractor.

The GIG economy was fathered by the construction industry.

The big employers found that it was too much responsibility having their workers on wages and salaries. If the workers became independent contractors instead, flexibility of hiring and firing in an environment of variable workloads had huge advantages.

There were other bonuses for bosses too, by turning employees into sole traders – although later legislation cut a lot of the loop holes.
A huge cohort of mercenary tradies was unleashed into the housing market. And when money is the main driver, everyone is a ‘loner’.

If you are a sole trader, you are basically ‘by yourself’. Your peers are competitors and are the last to help (unless the money is good).

You remember your school days when your class mates helped you with that difficult maths problem (without asking for money). And there were teachers who guided you. There was some sort of community. You felt safe.

Now, as a sole trader, it is the complete opposite. You are all by yourself- wondering where you can find a community of sole traders who genuinely have a reason to help each other.

What sort of roofer are you?

If you are a roofer, you should be able to relate to one or more of the above.
Now, you have options.

Either stay the way you are and struggle through to make ends meet…
Or to be a decent roofer who cares about your name and work that is associated with you.

Choose the second option and we will train you up to be a ROOF TECHNICIAN in the world of roof repairs. Once you level up, you will have the ability to play the game of life from a higher ground.

If you are this roofer, then the roofing portal is where you can open the door to a world of roofing beyond your wildest dreams.

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