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Looking to get your roof repaired in Sydney?

We operate in the Sydney Metro area and do not generally service areas outside of a 20 km radius from our Homebush West base.

We do not charge for roof inspections at the moment – despite investing our valuable/leading edge resources in providing this Roof inspection booking – without any upfront financial reward.

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s.e.s water running in eves after two tilers pride no pride


here my so call clean roof from pride with no pride


I had two roof tilers both rip me off for $6500 and ncat let them get away with this the n.s.w roof Licence lot and government . this practice needs to be stop. The cowboys from doing this to people there two on the central coast going to spray paint over moss and not clean the roof right run off with the money . i had s.e.s out for water running in my eaves from crack tiles and still crack tiles under ridge capping they replace and no weep holes . and paint people tell me there no guarantee if its painted over moss or roof not right so they walk away to my roof still dirty after there so call clean . i did this work i know when its not done right they buy there licence this lot . they call them self pride there got no pride at all cleaning a roof at 1100psi.
To clean a roof its to be 2500 psi the was mold all over the roof after this so called clean . i like this site to put photo on here i show you my black roof and topping on this .this is roof restoration for you cowboys. .


I had two roof tilers both rip me off for $6500 and ncat let them get away with this the n.s.w roof Licence lot and government and stop the cowboys from doing this to people there two on the central coast going to spray paint over moss and not clean the roof right run off with the money .

Jon B

Hi Jack,

There are no bookings available for the forseeable future. When will bookings for February come available?



I am pensioner I saved for 7 years to get my roof tiles replaced painted and repointed I got this done before lock down and the roofer I got did a runner on me. He left me with water leaking in walls and ceilings, paint pealing, eaves have water droplets every where, he didn’t put a edge capping on one side of the Ridge cause he put flushing between carport and roof said it was ok to be like that. When it’s not said he would come back and never did. I desperately need an honest roofer to do the job right and I’m too scared I am going to get ripped off again with faulty work. I live in the Marayong near Blacktown, I think this might be out of your area. Is there any trusted roofers you might know in my area that you recommend? Desperately need help.

Kind regards


Hi Jack,

Do you have any recommended roofers in the Gold Coast area, QLD. We have a metal roof leak and cannot work out how the water is coming in. We have had 2 roofers attempt to seal the possible water entry points already. Regards, Adrian

mark sinclair

Hi Jack, during a 30 min hail storm I had ice fill the valleys and melt, resulting in ceiling gyprock damage when it melt turned to water that overflowed the valley. I know it hails in Sydney not often, But I like to upgrade the valleys to stop ICE / water melt damage the ceiling gyprock in case it happen again? is it possible?

matt Clarke

Hi Jack
we are planning the replacement of our existing cement tile roof with metal roof.
we would like a quote to complete the job. The job is at 39 Christine crescent Lalor Park.
can you please come back to me if you would like to quote for this job.

Jaime Bohm

Hi Jack
We purchased a house back in 2019. In the building inspection report then it said ‘major tile fretting was noted to terra-cotta tiles.’ We’d like to get an inspection on the roof now to see exactly what is needed to ensure longevity of the roof, and note we see some flaking in our ceiling in places (unsure if this is related). Would this be something you could help with?


Hi Jack, great website. I’m located in Sutherland Shire. We’re looking at replacing some of our deck roof – currently colorbond – with a clear/translucent plastic product to let some light through, with removal of ceiling boards. There’s also a small leak which I hope this might resolve (or reveal). Is this the sort of thing you can help with? Cheers

Byron Bourke

Hi Jack, I am a Sydney based architect designing a job in Blackheath NSW. It’s an existing tile roof (21 deg pitch) that forms a valley. We are adding a skillion roof in hiland tray at 2 deg pitch.

It seems tricky to design a transitional flashing that follows the new shallow valley created by the intersection of the skillion and the existing tiles.

My solution is to create a large tile flashing (1200mm wide) that is broken up into 3 sheets. The sheets overlap 300mm and are sealed at the overlap. The crease for the flashing is on an angle in relation to the ‘valley’ of intersection of the two roof planes.

I have attached some 3d images of the design below. I was wondering what your thoughts are regarding this design.



image (3).png
Byron Bourke

This is the flashing in context.

I was wondering what your thoughts are regarding this design.



image (2).png
Byron Bourke

Thanks Jack,

I shall pass this information on to the builder as a guide. I agree with you regarding the tapered cut to the tiles. And having fewer joins is better your right.

I will keep you posted as to any future roofing projects in the Sydney area.

Thanks Jack!



Jim Moshides

Hi Jack, I need the pool warming webbing on the north-east side of my roof relocated to the south east side of the roof overlapping the existing south-east webbing. I need to free up the north-east side for solar panels. Can I get a free quote? Jim, East Killara

Craig Sahlin

Hi Jack, we booked for 10.30 today at 23 Cobar Street Dulwich Hill and no one showed and no missed call on the mobile number we provided. It would be useful if you had a mobile contact to minimise the time-wasting for all concerned in these situations. Please contact me on 0417674061 or Ken on 0417249422 so we can reschedule. Thanks Craig (booking for Ken McKay)

Craig Sahlin

correction – my number 0412674061


should I accept this standard of work? thanks


Hi Jack,
Firstly great site. I would like to book a roof inspection but firstly would like to know if you service the Elanora Heights area? If not could you reccommend someone on the Northern Beaches. Many thanks


Hi Jack, Yes this is my partner. So we will see you on Thursday.

Many Thanks

Jack Ou

Hi Jack,
I tried to book the inspection and quote for the bedroom leaking ceiling under the flat colorbond roof. It is a new built house in Marsfield. I can see “No Time in May” on your calendar currently. Then how can I move down to your next available day? Should we have a quick call to confirm? Thanks in advance.

Mick Prest

Just sayin’, Jack came out a couple of weeks ago to do an inspection of our Marrickville roof (complete with box gutter). I have to say that it was like having royalty on my roof!! I have followed the videos etc for a couple of years and was sure that Jack was the “goods” and after walking around my roof with him I just want to say that he is also a lovely person and my “go to” roofer forever!! I’m just sorry I forgot to as for a “roof selfie”. Thanks Jack, I sleep better knowing I have your number!!

David McP

Hi Jack,

I need some guttering rearranged as it causing leak issues, before looking at my roof.

As you mentioned you don’t do guttering, who would you recommend (currently Colourbond/ACE quad). I need to lower one run (overruns fascia) and reinstate another down-pipe on another run.

Once this is sorted we can then look at the tile roof.

Email me directly if that’s easier.

Leonie Tindale

Hi there
We had someone come and inspect our roof last week at 9 New Street Bondi and have not received a quote yet hoping you could follow it up please 😊


Hi Jack do you service the Oatley area have a Roof leak which we cant seem to fix coming through one of the corners.

Bob fom West Pymble

Hello Jack, can I please have your advice so I can plan and budget a major roof replacement in West Pymble.
Our 60’s ranch-styled house (about 230m2 roof area) has a low angle (1:5), gabled roof.
Previous owners, for aesthetic reasons, replaced metal deck with terracotta tiles in the 90s – I think it was a mistake ! It leaks (only) in heavy rain, pointing needs constant attention, and now we want it put back to lovely colorbond steel custom orb.

Please let me know –

  1. Could you guys do such a job in our suburb? Its about 15 kms from your base.
  2. Can we put classic colourbond custom-orb on this lowish angle of gable ? (its our strong preference)
  3. You may refuse this question of course but is there a rough budgetting formula for such a replacement job ? I understand this can only be estimated as a minimum cost for a super-straightforward job, but my unqualified brother advised it would be around $300/m2).

Enjoyed your blog BTW !

Bob fom West Pymble

Thanks Jack, we will probably plan this job for late next spring, but try to avoid the worst roasting hot weather 😉


Please cancel the roof inspection scheduled for Wednesday in Erskineville. Thanks

Marg Phillips

Hi Jack,

just letting you know that the “report” we discussed about the pine needle problem is not required. I’ve been advised by Burwood Council’s tree guy that case law principles have been set in NSW that mean that homeowners have to keep a clean roof regardless of where the debris is coming from. We still need the drips on the back deck sorted because it has been dripping plenty in the last few days.

kind regards


Hi, do you waterproof old tiled roofs? I am experiencing mould on ceilings of our old bungalow.

glen murray

gelignite Jack????


Hi Jack, i have a property need to have the roof fix, the insurance company has given me the building inspection and require me to fix the roof first before they can do the insurance work. the property is in Bradbury 2560, how can i make a booking for an investment property?

Leanne Blakely

HI I put in a chat 28 days ago however it does not seem to have been answered. Hello Just wondering if you have a branch that services the Silverdale NSW 2752 area? thanks

Elizabeth Tregoning

Hi Jack and Geoff
we urgently need your help again in 12 Pine Hill Avenue Double Bay. Guttergard and downpipes.

Kind regards,



Hi Jack. You have helped us before at 80 Gipps Street Drummoyne. We have a problem area which needs some proper maintenance. I’ll bring ok in an inspection. Thanks

Last edited 1 year ago by Keith
Keith McLachlan

Hi Jack. I haven’t had any update since the inspection on 27 February. Can someone please come back to me on next steps? Thanks Keith

Ian Barralet

Hi Jack, I’ve filled in my booking request on the booking page but there’s no submit button, so I’m filling information in here just in case. I’ve tried to select Thursday 23rd February at 10.30am as the date and time. I’d like to arrange a quote for roof repairs to our Colorbond roof in Mortdale. The main problem is leaking that seems to be coming from the side box gutter into the ceiling.
Thanks, Ian Barralet

Becca Wareham

Hi Jack – we have a flat Colorbond roof with box gutter. When we get a heavy downpour of rain the water fills up the box gutter and tracks back along the ceiling and pours down the windows inside (badly!) The downpipes are completely clear, the box gutter just isn’t big enough to take these large volumes of water. Is there a waterproof membrane or something similar on the market, that you can stick to the top edge of the roof and seal all the way through the inside of the box gutter? We already have additional overflow pipes coming out of the box gutter, but it’s just not enough!
(Also, re your online calendar, I cannot see the last week of the month – it’s not showing)

Becca Wareham

Many thanks Jack – will make a booking.
Cheers Becca

Helen and Bob Fairfax

Hi Jack, we have an old tile roof and there is a leakage in one area. Our address is 31 Albyn Rd Strathfield. We would appreciate an inspection and your advice. Thank you, Helen and Bob Fairfax


Hi Jack,

I just watched your video about rusty nails and terracotta tiles. I have this problem with my roof. A local roofer said reroof in colourbond is only option! What is the solution you prefer?


Hi Jack,
We are experiencing leaks on a flat roof.
Do you recommend any experts in the Brisbane area?


Home at Kingsford 2032 needs upstairs exterior cladding & window flashing repairs

LB outside.jpg
LB main 1.jpg

Hi Tony,
I have a box gutter (27 years old) on my house leaking into the ceiling. I think the seams are rusty, the gutter is cleaned regularly. I am at Queenscliff in NSW. Would your have availability in the near future to take a look and repair this?




i have a box gutter or internal gutter system which is leaking into the ceiling .Im on the Mid North Coast NSW in Kempsey. Do you any gutter specalist in this area you could recommend.


Can I please book a free roof inspection?


Hi Jack, My pergola roof, Trimdek, was hail damaged in October 2021 in Coffs Harbour. It is 5m x 4.5m with a pitch of <2° and had two opaque fibreglass sunstrips 150/190 wide. This roof has not leaked in the 11 years we have been living here. The insurer’s roofer/assessor said he would replace the roofing panels but fibreglass sun strips were not an option and he would use Trimdek polycarbonate sheets cut to a similar size to the old strips. When it now rains I have numerous leaks along the polycarbonate sheet edges due to the sheet edges being distorted along its length. The roofer has said the only option to fix the leaks is to remove the current strips and replace them with full size sheets fixed on to the top of the metal sheets. I have never heard or seen of such a repair and I am wondering if this is the only option I have to retain my insurer’s Life Time guarantee on the repairs. Thanks Ken 

Leanne Blakely

Hello Just wondering if you have a branch that services the Silverdale NSW 2752 area? thanks

Last edited 1 year ago by Leanne Blakely

Hi how can I contact you for an inspection and quote please

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