What is it like to find a good roofer for repairing a leaking roof?

It can be a bit of hit and miss.

I’m looking for a reliable roofer to carry out some repairs. ….
I just got the keys to my new (3 year old established) house last week and discovered that it had a roof leak and now water damage from the storms last month. The builder’s roofer had a look and said it would’ve been due to an antenna installed in a valley, and another part of the house with no tile or cover at all.

The builder’s roofer apparently did the required repairs and removed the antenna but an insurance assessor had a look and said the repairs weren’t done properly – the valley isn’t in properly, some tiles are upside down, there are no weep holes, and some tiles are cracked. Really anxious about further leaks and damage and looking for someone who can assist.

Have tried unsuccessfully for some years now to get my tiled roof repaired to stop the leaking, so am now seriously considering replacing it with a metal/colorbond roof. Seeking quotes.
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