The Sydney Roofing Portal serves two masters.


1) Homeowners looking for a genuine solution to their roof problems.

Repair leaking tile roofs
From broken roof tiles to tricky leaks at ridge capping, valleys and junctions to walls, the possibilities to water entry points are limitless.
If you are interested in learning more, go to our stories where we battle to figure out why the tile roof is leaking and how we went about doing the repairs.
Repair to low pitched metal roofs
It is amazing how many roof installers think that they can slap on a corrugated roof on any pitch.
Then there are those roofers who know that special roof profiles are need for flat roofs – and yet they do not take enough care to detail the critical ends of the sheets properly.
Learn more about low pitched roofs and why they leak and what we usually do to repair them.
Replace tile roofs with colorbond metal roofs
When tile roofs leak badly, often the best remedy is a replacement colorbond metal roof.

We may be biased against tile or slate roofs – BUT usually there is reason to be leaning towards replacing tile roofs with colorbond roofs.

2) Roofers in the Roofing community looking at a way to ‘Level up’ to a better roofing career

Careers for the right roofers
If you think you have what it takes to be a professional roof repair technician, make your way to the CAREERS page

BUT be warned. It is not an easy path.

Our Roofing Community PORTAL
The Roofing Community PORTAL is the gateway to our learning modules. This is where our roof TECHNICIANS hangout.
To learn and also to have fun, go to: roofers-community-portal.