This is where our roof technicians will hang out.

Who are roof technicians?

We had a roofer’s think tank – come up with a description of who we are (i.e. good roofers)…
Google was useless in giving us a description.

One of us came up with “GOOFERS”. When the laughing stopped, we agreed to rule that idea out. But it is a name that stuck and we just cannot get it out of our heads…

We finally settled for “ROOF TECHNICIAN” as a synonym for a good roofer. A technician is some one who is smart enough to figure things out to arrive at a favourable outcome.
While “GOOFERS” is sticky, a ROOF TECHNICIAN has a certain aura that most people can relax into.

We now all aim to be roof technicians.

We are in this for the long haul – simply because we know that it will take years to get this portal to ‘ROCK & ROLL”.
We want to stay in the game and play with all you “Goofers” out there who just want a great life.

What is the time frame for roofing community portal?

We are concentrating on building out the other sides of the roofing portal at the moment and this means that it will be a slow start here. You will initially see a lot of empty real estate.
But as you keep coming back, you will see fresh content on a regular basis.

What will be at the roofing community portal?

The emphasis will be on learning. The challenge is how to make this learning fun and applicable to your life and career.
We have lots of ideas.
  • Accelerated/complementary learning for apprentice level roofers.
  • Case studies
  • Portfolios of roofing creations by the roofing community
  • Roofing podcast
  • Accreditation courses
  • Job boards
  • Competitions
  • Trade resources
  • Recommendation board
  • High level training behind a paywall